Jake (U.S. slang)

1. okay, fine, as in “Don’t worry, everything’s jake".

2. an amazing guy that is really funny and really adorable that you can't help but love.


We are a multi-disciplinary design atelier and a creative duo.

— Art direction, brand image, interior design, scenography, retail, decor, visual identity, set design, editorial styling, visual merchandising, textile design.

  • Justine Delpy

    Justine studied art history, architecture & scenography at the école Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré and the école Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des métiers d'arts, paris. She worked in Montréal as

    a project manager for reknown architecture and interior design firms, on cultural, exhibition, and residential projects.

    Back in Paris, Justine specialized as a

    creative and an art director within well-established agencies, premium & luxury brands, and department stores.

    A curiosity-driven and multi-disciplined

    person, she creates and develops global

    design concepts. From brand platform,

    identity and editorial styling to exhibition and retail design for design and lifestyle companies, fashion and jewelry Houses.

  • Kim Franjou

    Kim graduated in textile design from

    Les Ateliers de Sèvres and the

    école Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré, Paris. As a freelancer, she crafted unique fabrics for french luxury Houses in

    collaboration with Parisian reknown textiles artists, from illustration to technical process.

    Kim then evolved in the fashion industry

    where she kept on practicing her fabrics knowledge for middle to premium market brands. There, she sharpened her styling abilities which led her to the management of displays in stores as well as on fairs.

    From now on she has been specializing in visual merchandising and set design.

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